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Ensure daily optimisation and management to maximise your ROI.

Since 2012, Ad's up has been supporting advertisers - from start-ups to the biggest companies - to optimise their Google AdWords & Bing Ads campaigns. First of all, we analyse the competition and the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) dynamics in your business area. We then study your website structure and taxonomy: an essential step in finding strategies to suit your needs, products and services.


The structure of an AdWords account is key when it comes to successful campaign management. The account should reflect the website's tree structure and detail all products/services in different ad groups. A successful structure also leads to a match between the search term typed in by the user and the ad that they are shown, leading to a higher QS and lower CPC.

Cross-device campaigns

Potential clients search for your business from computers, tablets and smartphones, and switch devices effortlessly. Wherever they are, you need to be there. Contextual elements such as the user's location and the time of day the device is used now have a role to play: they can give you new opportunities to reach your audience with more relevant messages and differentiated bids.


Our RTC API (Application Programming Interface) can manage AdWords campaigns in real-time as your product catalogue changes: automatically stop ad groups showing depending on stock levels, dynamically design campaigns for new products, automatically update prices shown in ads, etc.

Analyses & Strategy

Ad's up guides you through installing Google Analytics whatever your setup and selects relevant indicators for your business sector. The success of a campaign depends on an ability to measure and interpret the results. Devoting time to analysis and optimisation is therefore essential. By limiting the number of accounts per Traffic Manager, we can meet targets agreed together. They will be your only point of contact. Each Traffic Manager sends you a tailor-made monthly report so you can evaluate the impact of your advertising investments. You can also view your campaign performance in real time.


AdWords campaign semantics can be enriched by looking at the long tail in a close analysis of search terms. These precise, qualified key words offer a higher conversion rate. They correspond to searches made when a user is undertaking a buying or subscription process more advanced than one involving generic key words. In addition, the precision achieved through the long tail means bids can be adjusted (max. CPC) much more precisely according to the ROI of a given key word.


Ad's up supports you in optimising your Google Merchant Center feed. You can submit your entire product catalogue so everything is visible in the Google Shopping results. AdWords campaigns linked to Google Merchant Center accounts (Product Listing Ads) feature more extensive and specific product information. Product photos, prices, etc. appear directly on Google as well as on the usual AdWords ad.


Ad's up can support your internationalisation strategy by launching AdWords campaigns in more than 100 countries and 20 languages worldwide. Campaigns and translations are created by Traffic Managers who are native speakers from the relevant countries.


The Real Time Keyword service is an Ad's up exclusive. This new service means your campaign key words can be adjusted in real time according to your latest news, for example, if your brand or a competitor appears on TV, etc. As a result, thousands of users can be reached in just a few minutes at the lowest costs.


Ad's up uses an unprecedented Bid Management solution. This revolutionary tool which borrows techniques from statistical physics allows the best bid for each key word to be precisely determined in real time to optimise ROI on Google Ads campaigns according to your aims: target CPAs, revenue, margin or cost/revenue ratio.

Synchro TV

The synchronization between TV and SEA is all about trying to generate an action with your AdWords campaigns during the transmission of a TV spot. The tool analyses in real-time TV stations while looking for predefined spots (either yours or those of your competitors) and then communicates the date to the AdWords API to be used for the purposes of SEA. Thanks to these scripts, the campaign manager can use the available information to plan for all possible scenarios such as:

  • Enabling/pausing campaigns
  • Increasing the bids
  • Edit the ads


Ad's up prioritises improvements to an account's Quality Score (QS) to improve the profitability of AdWords campaigns. As a result, it's possible to be positioned above a competitor yet still have a lower actual CPC.


How well an advert is written is a determining factor in how successful your Google Ads campaigns will be. At Ad's up, specialist authors take care of writing and translating your ads to ensure the best possible visibility on Google.

Expanded Text ads

Expanded Text Ads (ETA) allow you to show the maximum amount of information in your ads and are up to 50% bigger in comparison to standard ads. In 2017, ETA ads are the default ad format proposed by the AdWords interface. Whitelisted by Google 6 months before other advertisers, the certified agency Ad’s up is entirely at ease and experienced in the use of this ad format. Ad’s up always makes full use of ETA’s potential: the creation of double-headlines, enlarged descriptions plus the customisation of the appearance of the URL in order to better control the communication of all our advertisers.

Dynamic Search Ads

Ad’s up customises the appearance of your ads in order to suit the context in which it appears and we do this in two different ways. Firstly, we utilise Ad Customizers. This ad-based functionality allows us to use a data feed in order to dynamically insert personalised content into the heart of your ads. Such personalised content can be a keyword or a countdown calendar which can thus act as a call-to-action for users. We also make use of IF functions: this tool allows advertisers to insert a personalised message for a specific audience or for users on a particular device without the need for a feed. Your ETA ad will thus be customised for each search and ultimately be more relevant to potential customers.


DSA campaigns don't use key words. They are shown according to your site content. Retrospective analysis of search terms and conversion statistics allows the list of key words for conventional campaigns to be extended. This represents a safety net which can reveal new opportunities.


Integrate your client feedback into your Google Ads campaigns. Ad's up supports you in adding your client reviews to boost sales and increase your visibility on Google by having stars showing in the ads. 71% of online buyers read client feedback and 77% of them are influenced by it. See an increase of up to 20% in traffic and 5% in sales on your site. Maximise your AdWords campaign ROI by increasing the CTR (click through rate) and Quality Score. Boost your number of satisfied clients and recommendations given to new clients.


Displayed underneath the main section of the ad, ad extensions play a major strategic role in SEA. They maximize the amount of ad space that appears on the results page while also enhancing your own ad and optimizing the quality of the information shown to users. Their presence impacts the calculation of Google’s Quality Score which thus allows for your ad to be shown more often and with a better ranking. You can choose the extensions that best meet the needs of your business with your Ad’s up adviser. Some examples of possible extensions include sitelink extensions, location extensions, call extensions, review extensions, structured snippet extensions, price extensions etc.

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