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Integrate Facebook Ads, Instagram & Twitter Ads into your marketing strategy.

Nearly 2 billion people use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to keep in touch with friends, family, their professional network and the things that matter to them. Social media marketing lets your company create long-term relationships with people and find new clients. It's an effective way to accurately target all the users who could be interested in your products or services according to different criteria: location, demographic data, interests, behaviour, connections, professions, etc. Your ads are therefore more relevant to the people who see them and bring you tangible results. Ad's up account managers are experts in the four main platforms: Facebook/Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads & Viadeo Inside. This means you can take full advantage of the opportunities on offer. They look after your campaigns from initial design to management, via reporting and strategic reflection. Ad's up works closely with the different formats and lets you tailor your strategy to changes in the market and developing trends.

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  • Analyse des résultats
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Reach the right people and stay in touch


More than 700 million people check Facebook every day on their phones and tablets. Ad's up creates targeted ads which appear in users' information feeds. This lets you reach your different audiences and achieve your business goals. Users are more likely to see your ads and take action.

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Twitter has become the social network used by those looking for news and information. It is now an essential network for big brands to communicate with clients, partners and other influential players. Make your Twitter account a Promoted Account. Develop your follower community by promoting your Twitter account. Promote your tweets.

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With Dynamic Product Ads, Facebook lets you increase your product catalogue visibility. This new service reaches users who have visited your site or app but also targets them according to their interests, likes and dislikes or location. Of course, ads for out-of-stock products will be automatically put on standby. Note that Dynamic Product Ads are also visible on Facebook mobile apps.

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Professional social networks accept promoted text ads with a visual. The advantage of a campaign on a professional network is above all being able to target a precise group of users according to their business sector, role, company size, etc. These networks are highly effective for precise B2B campaigns targeting a specific community.

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Instagram saw the biggest growth in 2015 and has now opened up its marketing arm to all. Ad's up intends to help you take full advantage. A complete service is available with promoted content including photos, image carousels and videos. You target your audience by age, location, gender and interests. The Instagram management interface lets you keep careful track of your campaign statistics and aims. The current trend is for visual marketing: have a go yourself!

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With the extremely careful targeting for display campaigns available on the Viadeo network, you will be sending the right message to the right people. Ad's up will help you increase your qualified audience by hooking the best out of the Viadeo fishpond, which now has 10 million members. This innovative marketing service lets you target users directly via their inbox, find solutions to your branding issues by optimising your presence in high-traffic locations and also set precise performance aims. Go Go Viadeo.

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