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Creating and optimising your adwords campaigns

Unique technical and operational SEA know-how.

Since 2012, Ad's up has been supporting advertisers - from start-ups to the biggest companies - to manage their campaigns on the five big pay-per-click platforms: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads. We take care of creating, monitoring and optimising your advertising accounts. This means you can concentrate on your core business and relieve your teams of the operational work.

Ad's up is an AdWords certified agency and is always one step ahead of the competition! Our close collaboration with Google means that we regularly represent the company at the famous "Google for Pros" learning sessions. We enjoy priority access to news from Google, the latest developments and AdWords betas. As a result, our clients also stay one step ahead!

Our team have the best SEA optimisation and analysis tools at their fingertips, which are essential for maximising campaign ROI and increasing productivity: DoubleClick Search, AdCore, Feeditor, Bimes, Swydo, etc. They are objectively chosen and used on a case-by-case basis according to the needs of our clients. We find a balance between human and automated management by semi-automating tasks with low added value.

Method and Ad's up tools

Ad's up methodology

Ad's up listens to you carefully to understand your business. This is the key to an effective, trusting working relationship. We are the AdWords experts; you are the experts in your field. Together, we can mine the depths of optimisation principles. At Ad's up, human analysis always informs the way we use our bid management tools.


Ad's up is the premier independent pure player SEA agency. It stands out for its unique expertise and mastery of specialist tools. The accreditation is awarded to agencies excelling in using Google Ads products. with a sound business practice and satisfied clients and which abide by Google good practice. All consultants hold their own personal certification.


L'audit par Ad's up - 95 points de contrôle

Do you use Google Ads campaigns without seeing any results or a return on your investment? Would you like to boost your ROI and optimise your Search Engine Advertising campaigns?
We suggest we audit your Google Ads account and give you our recommendations on how to improve performance.

The Ad's up audit - 95 checks per campaign:
Evaluating the account's general performance - Analysing campaign setup - Analysing account structure (campaigns, ad groups, extensions, etc.) - Analysing key words and targeting options - Studying ad performance and extensions... And more than 60 other checks.

« The 1st independant SEA agency in France »





Set fee: 390€ per month Tarification forfaitaire pour les budgets gérés sur Google Ads inférieurs à 1000 € HT / mois - offre destinée aux TPE & Startup.


In % of budget managed Fees depend on percentage of budget managed on Google Ads & Bing Ads


According to a targeted ROI cible Fees uniquely based on our optimisation leading to outperformance over a given period.

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