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Media purchase / programmatic display / RTB

Focus on the programmatics that now represents 2/3 of the Display!

Today, the Display's various purchasing techniques enable you to meet all advertisers' objectives, be it traffic, performance or visibility. We adjust your strategy according to your objectives from a media planning (visibility/notoriety) or audience planning (finer targeting, performance, returns on investment).

The Ad's up trading desk, a programmatic agency, relies on the DSP DoubleClick Bid Manager to buy live programmatics, but also at auction in real time. Through Ad-Exchanges, we find the best locations and audiences for you at the best price.

The programmatics now accounts for 2/3 of the display

Advertisers can target specific audiences, specific types of sites, and use banner or video formats in mobile, tablet and computer environments. Ad's up uses Google data, 1st party data, data publisher (2nd party), and data from DMP partners (3d party) to target user profiles that match your target heart.

Whether before, during or after the act of purchase, we analyze the interactions of each point of contact with a global and cross-cutting vision. Ad's up accompanies you to create a synergy between search and display levers, adapted to your business model.

Ad-Exchange et DMP (Data Management Platform)

Through its internal DSP Display - Video 360, Ad's up is connected to all the marketplaces - open or private - and data 3P (third-party).

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Display shopping methods

  • Icône Open Auctions

    Open Auctions

    Hundreds of buyers competing

  • Icône Private Auctions

    Private Auctions

    Invitation-only auctions

  • Icône Preferred Deals

    Preferred Deals

    Fixed price, one-to-one deal

  • Icône Programmatic Guaranteed

    Programmatic Guaranteed

    Deal direct, broadcast in programmatics

  • Icône Traditional tag-based

    Traditional tag-based

    Deal direct, broadcast in the traditional way



  • Audience lists
    • Customer data (1P)

      The data is owned by the advertiser, this may include online resources (point of sale, collection of emails, etc.) and online resources (e-mail, remarketing list, etc.)

    • Publisher data (2P)

      The data is owned by the publisher, via its own audience

    • Google Data

      Google proprietary data, based on signals from users of Google solutions (Chrome navigation, Youtube video viewing, etc.)

    • non Google Data (3P)

      Data owned by third-party providers (DMP) that use information that is not collected by the advertiser or publisher

  • Demographics
    • Targeting by age group, gender, etc

  • Geo
    • Targeting by geographic area, country, city, region, etc

  • Days - time
    • Targeting by time of day, day of the week, etc


  • Inventory source
    • Targeting by inventory source

  • Brand safety
    • Targeting on sites containing quality and secure content for the advertiser

  • Apps and url
    • Targeting by web or app

  • Keywords

  • Categories
    • Targeting by category

  • Environment
    • Targeting by environment type

  • Inventory source
    • Targeting by inventory source

  • Viewability
    • Visibility of creatives by Internet users (1 second view created on the minimum page)

  • Language
  • Targeting video
    • Targeting locations compatible with creative videos


  • Web browser
    • Targeting by browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)

  • Devices
    • Targeting by user's device

  • Connection speed
    • Targeting based on the speed of the user's connection

  • Carrier/ip
    • Targeting by IP range



New generation of ads that replaces the old format of text ads. With this flexible format, create ads that automatically adjust their size, appearance and format to fit the available advertising spaces.

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Use graphics and animations in your ads by importing your own graphic banner games.


If you don't have a created agency or web designer on hand, the Google Ads interface lets you create custom banners that capture the graphics on your website. Your charter is respected and you can start broadcasting immediately on Google's huge Display network.
Thanks to dynamic ads, you can also automatically create rich-media ads which are adapted according to the geographic location of the user as well as the content that they are looking at. You can thus deliver a more effective message. On your marks, get set, advertise!

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Enjoy an attractive and interactive ad format to reach, please and engage people. You only pay when they interact with the ad. Your company's brand image is valued.

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Video ads can be an effective way to make yourself known. With the In-Stream format, stream a 15- or 20-second video ad that can't be deactivated within video content on Display Network sites.

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Show expandable interactive ads above the "Promotions" tab in Gmail inboxes. You only pay for the first click that triggers the opening of your ad and associated email. When the user clicks, they view your full-page ad in the body of the email. No creations to expect: the interface offers a gallery of custom models.

• Picture model
• Single product promotion
• Multi-product promotion
• Catalog creative

If you wish, you can also create create and import a custom format that you have made yourself.

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With dynamic remarketing built into Gmail, capitalize on people who are interested in your products directly in Gmail. Link this new format to your Google Merchant Center feed to introduce users to the products they have previously viewed, directly into the mail body!

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Truewiew for shopping

Go further on YouTube with the video format by displaying clickable cards within the video (with visual -price), dynamically with Google Merchant Center.

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Illustrated ad for app promotion

Promote your mobile app with the help of a banner on the Display Network that encourages users to download your app.

Quality locations

We use a full range of advanced technologies to ensure respectful delivery on quality media

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    Active view

    Ensure your ads are viewed

  • check-vert
    Fraud protection

    Ensure your ads are seen by humans

  • check-vert
    Content Verification

    Ensure your ads are viewed in an appropriate context

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    Brand Lift

    Measure what your audience thinks of ads

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    Ensure your ads are well-seen by the targeted audience

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    Cross Device Measurement

    Measures cross-device conversion as your ads run


Brand Lift Reports

Which demographic audience generates the most notoriety for your brand?

We measure the impact of your actions on your brand image and reputation with Survey.


Organic Search Growth

Do your campaigns encourage you to search for your brand or products?

We analyze the evolution of search activity on Google and YouTube engines for your brand.


Case study

Corsica Ferries
Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) reduction of -20%
56.5% of visitors to the site
Logo Corsica Ferries

Corsica Ferries unifies its acquisition channels with the full stack GMP

In 2018, Corsica Ferries decides to call on Ad's up to rethink the entire digital strategy of the shipping company, with the aim of increasing its notoriety but also and above all to be able to understand the ROI of their investments. The deployment of Display and Video 360 has completely transformed the brand's vision of its business, enabling it to reach consumers on a large scale and generate new customers. The challenge for Corsica Ferries was therefore to perform thanks to a mix of visibility (notoriety) and profitability (ROI) in order to maintain its leading position in France and gain market share in other territories.

Thanks to a very thorough work of allocating their investments through the integration of the Google Marketing Platform and more specifically Google Analytics 360, Search Ads 360 and Display and Video 360, the brand has seen its results soar, with 56.5% of visitors to the site.

43% download of the white paper
35% download of the Cozy Touch app then over the medium term
Logo Atlantic

Unsealed connectivity for Atlantic

As the leader in thermal comfort in France, Atlantic has been established in the heating and water heater market where it has been offering innovative and tailor-made solutions for 45 years. In line with the connectivity issues faced by its sector, the brand has developed a mobile application allowing buyers to directly link their product for better monitoring. Atlantic's challenge has been to democratize their application and its ease of use with its customers via a white paper in order to show their buyers how to remotely control their products from the app or consult their detailed consumer reports.

The agency already working on the brand's SEA acquisition campaigns, Atlantic naturally turned to Ad's up's RTB experts to define a specific strategy for developing the number of downloads of their white paper, through the piloting of a programmatic campaign using data third party (3P). Ad's up has orchestrated Atlantic's RTB strategy around a comprehensive array of advanced tools to ensure that their ads are distributed in quality media. By targeting profiles of Internet users corresponding to their core target, the agency's support allowed them to generate a real synergy between the Search and Display levers, adapted to their business model. The RTB programmatic strategy enabled Atlantic to reach 2,249,266 unique individuals affected and 81.2% of views on its White Paper. Building on this successful experience, the brand, which is currently working on a new media plan, has already planned to include the lever of programmatics in its future acquisition strategy.