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    Natural referencing agency in Paris and throughout France

    The 100% natural referencing service

    Ads Up's Natural Reference division specializes in qualified organic traffic acquisition strategy and supports your SEO strategy. Our team of certified experts work will work closely with you to develop an appropriate, innovative strategy.

    SEO audit


    Developed by our experienced technical SEO consultants, the SEO audit is a comprehensive diagnosis of your site on all the aspects that affect your natural referencing:

    Technique - Semantics - Netlinking

    We'll provide valuable information about your competition, thematic, UX etc. in an instructional format along with a book of recommendations taking into account your technical and functional specificities and priorities in terms of recommendations. This will also include a plan of action and monitoring.

    SEO Semantics


    Semantic analysis is a strategic deliverable which guides all SEO actions and includes:

    • Keywords currently positioned
    • Keywords specific to your theme
    • Your competitors' keywords
    • Catalog products/services keywords

    Useful information such as monthly search volumes, positioning of URLs or their levels of competitiveness. This usually leads to a semantic strategy, a marker matrix and a publication schedule. As you can see, this service gets to the core of your SEO strategy.

    SEO copywriting


    Quality web content written by our team of specialized SEO editors: optimize SEO through structure, on-page tags, internal mesh and keyword density.
    In addition to textual content, developing an SEO landing page also requires a competitive analysis of the SERP by the consultant, a research intention, establishing a template, SXO optimization to maximize efficiency and relevance. Of course this then needs to be planned, integrated and monitored in terms of SEO performance.

    Netlinking SEO


    A core component of Google's positioning algorithm, quality backlinks for your reference domains greatly affect your organic traffic.
    At Ad's up, our netlinking consultants implement the acquisition of backlinks for your theme through our many exclusive partnerships to ensure performance and security at the best possible price.

    Harness the power of SEM by coupling

    Synergie SEO SEA

    Use Ad's up for your Search Engine Marketing strategy!

    Our dual expertise in paid referencing and natural referencing has proven time and again the effectiveness of two forms of referencing working together: widen your audience, continuously enrich your semantic spectrum, increase the QS on your landing pages and lower the CPC on your keywords... All this while saving time and increasing efficiency due to the working synergy of the SEO-SEA division, which also consolidates and reduces operational costs.

    SEO Agency FAQ

    • What is the role of an SEO Agency?

      • The role of an SEO agency is to help you to acquire traffic on your website through natural referencing by developing a strategy appropriate to your needs, problems and objectives and then plan and lead the implementation and monitor results.

    • How do I get on the first page of Google?

      • There are many different steps to optimizing natural referencing but the main steps are:

        • Ensuring a solid technical base
          • Web performance
          • Responsivity
          • Crawlability
          • Indexability
        • Developing a semantic strategy
          • Keywords
          • Tagging
          • Content
        • Growing your popularity and positions through quality natural backlinks
        • Monitoring and tracking your results to adjust your efforts and enrich your strategy
    • How much does an SEO Agency cost?

      • The costs of an SEO agency range from 800 to 1,600 euros per day on average. These costs can vary depending on the size, expertise and geolocation of the agency and also according to your issues (competitive environment, complexity of your problem, size and typology of your site...).

    • How do I choose a good SEO agency?

      • A good agency:

        • Doesn't charge freelance prices: Expertise comes at a cost and there's no such thing as cheap quality. However a high price is not always a guarantee of quality either
        • Does not commit to specific results: In the world of natural referencing everyone knows: Google's voices are impenetrable and even though estimates of revenue gain or positions can be speculated, it is impossible given the number of factors taken into account by the algorithm to commit to a gain in position or organic traffic. Beware of those who promise the earth as with SEO work this is unlikely to be a good omen.
        • Keeps abreast of Google updates: Google's algorithm is updated several hundred times a year so it's crucial to use consultants who monitor and apply Search Engine Marketing updates carefully or you may see you site drop position as it's using obsolete and potential damaging SEO criteria.
        • Specializes in SEO, digital marketing and traffic acquisition: stay away from web communication or so-called "360" agencies who aren't traffic acquisition specialists but simply list it as an add-on service.

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