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Get a state-of-the-art control of your data and audiences

Develop a personalized communication strategy based on your audiences!

Client Data - 1P

Customer Match

If you belong to the category of advertisers who are followers of email campaigns, this optimization is for you! The data belonging to you, it includes off-line sources (emails recovered at the point of sale) and online (remarketing lists, emails recovered online, etc.).

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Client Data - 1P


Re-ciblez sur le réseau de recherche les internautes ayant déjà visité votre site. Vous pouvez leur présenter des messages différents, enchérir différemment (à la hausse ou à la baisse), ou encore vous positionner sur des keywords exclusifs aux anciens visiteurs.
Strategies :

• Loyalty to your customers by increasing your bids
• Create standout ads with incentives for users who have already visited your site
• Target basket abandoners with promotional codes
• Target users who have visited your site by displaying your ads in your competitors' semantic field
• Improve branding campaign profitability
• Increase your revenue by creating "generic" search campaigns just for your visitors or buyers

RDSA involves combining remarketing lists with DSA (Dynamic Search Ad) campaigns.

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Client Data - 1P


Adjust your bids and messages based on your target's age, gender, parental status, or income level.

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Client Data - 1P

Google Analytics

Harness the power of Google Analytics data to build ultra-segmented audience pools based on devices, time spent on your pages, page views, on-site behavior, session quality, and hundreds of other criteria.

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Client Data - 1P


Embrace the audience from visitors who visit your site after viewing one of your TV spots or hearing one of your radio messages. Then work in a more specific and targeted way that audience on the digital part.

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Google Data


Affinity segments include Internet users who have shown a relevant interest in a given topic.

Google Data


Identify people who are interested in your products and services.

Google Data


Identify users who share specific features with existing visitors to your site and your audience lists.

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Google Data


Re-target people who actively search for your products on Google via YouTube, without clicking on your ads.

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Google Data


Re-target people who have viewed your YouTube video ad on Google.

Data - 2P


The data is owned by the publisher, via its own audience.

Data - 3P


Audience provided by third-party providers and used to address non-indexed users in the Google or first party audience.

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The "Full Funnel" strategy

Good audiences on the right acquisition channels with the right creative formats

Audience Funnel Audience Funnel

Lifetime Value

Lifetime value is the key to a successful audience strategy.

  • Image icône Récence


    When was the last purchase?

  • Image icône Fréquence


    How many purchases have been made?

  • Image icône Montant


    How much do they spend on average?

Acquiring customers is an expensive process, so it is imperative to maintain their long-term commitment. Ad's up helps you structure your audience pools in a meaningful way, in order to support your prospects and customers beyond conversion, by customizing the acquisition/loyalty strategy.
We segment your audience based on its purchase recurrence, recurrence, and average basket amount. This meticulous cutting allows us to offer them personalized and appropriate messages to better retain them.

Hearing Synergy

Ad's up leverages your audience pools in total synergy across all acquisition platforms used.

It is no longer time for silo reasoning. We communicate your acquired audiences on any platform with all of your acquisition channels. The audience obtained via Facebook Ads can be reused on Google Ads, and vice versa. This synergy is also available on the Programmatic Display, as well as on the Search.

With Campaign Manager and Analytics 360, we're bringing all your data together to enable you to effectively address your prospects and customers at the best cost.


Campaign Manager

Ad's up uses the Campaign Manager (formerly Doubleclick Campaign Manager) ad server to manage your media plans, download your creations (banners, videos, etc.), and schedule the rules for running your ads. Campaign Manager is integrated into the Google Marketing Platform and therefore works in synergy with Search Ads 360 and Display - Video 360.


Analytics 360

Through Analytics 360, we analyze the entire advertising value chain, to understand who your visitors, prospects and customers are, how they behave, and measure key actions for your business growth.

Case study

Just Eat
172% orders via the App
-46% cost per order via the App
Logo Just Eat

Just Eat France accelerates acquisition of new App users via Google Ads

The home delivery company wanted to refocus its acquisition strategy around paid levers like Google Ads and Apple Search Ads, to better capitalize on its users who have already downloaded their Android and iOS app. For Just Eat, exploiting Google's ecosystem to widely distribute its advertising messages and benefit from machine learning to reach the customers most likely to order has proven to be very effective.

With a slightly weaker but highly qualified spread - because responding to a specific query - Apple Search Ads allowed them to offer the app to visitors to the app store using the "search" function by positioning themselves on industry-specific keywords. Ad's up Mobile Experts also work on analyzing synergies and cohort data from different in-app events. This allowed the postorie to understand the behavior of users and to adapt the strategies of each lever for an optimal digital mix.