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    Strategy Intelligent management of paid search campaigns

    Boost your Google Ads performance by combining Google's AI with Ad's up Consulting's proprietary algorithms.

    We have developed a set of solutions that meet the new challenges of Paid Search and in particular, the new generation of campaigns like Performance Max.

    Our approach embeds tools designed and developed by Ad's up consulting to implement tailor-made SEA strategies in all sectors of activity. In order to improve your performance, we have developed a new way of managing campaigns, relying on data for intelligent and automated business optimizations.



    We support you on the implementation of tailor-made SEA strategies both on lead generation issues and on retail activities.

    Schema paid search


    Understanding of the business model & benchmark of the acquisition strategy of competitors

    Audit of Google Ads / Bing Ads tracking in place and enrichment (new conversion actions, micro-conversions, correction, etc.)

    Implementation of our intelligent Audience Selector tool for the automatic update of the most efficient audiences.

    Customer journey analysis and UX recommendations & Conversion rate optimization

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    Creation and integrations of the product feed via our partner Channable.

    Intelligent and automatic optimization of the flow thanks to our algorithms and rules: scanning, monitoring, enrichment, segmentation, exclusions, integration, etc.

    Product Scoring tool combining your business data (margin, stock, seasonality, ...) with your performance data. This scoring is used to restructure your Shopping and Pmax campaigns.

    Price monitoring tool to save money on your least competitive products with data-driven Shopping strategies adapted in real time.

    Improve your customers' shopping experience with landing pages optimized for ultra-fast navigation, an optimal conversion rate and a declining bounce rate favoring cross-sell.

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    Integration of setup in different platforms (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Tag Manager, Optimize, Clarity, etc.)

    Analysis of campaign settings

    Campaign optimization and fine tuning of SEA SONAR and FEED360 parameters

    Detailed and multi-channel performance dashboard accessible in real time.

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    More than 400 clients have entrusted us with their Paid Search strategies since 2012 and show an average growth of 30%

    Data at the heart of the Paid Search strategy

    From the activation of data to the creation of assets by our SEER studio, we offer a global vision of SEA issues, 100% orientée performance.


    Data only has value if it is exploited. Get the most out of your existing data. Our solutions are focused on "added value".

    Our algorithms are automated end-to-end, allowing a gain in productivity and responsiveness, while creating a performance uplift on Search and Performance Max campaigns.

    Business Intelligence
    Keep an eye on your market, exploit its data (seasonality, competition, ...) and re-integrate them into your search engine advertising strategy.

    Conversion tracking
    More than just reporting, our dashboards are the starting point for optimizing campaigns and understanding account dynamics.

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    An advanced analytics solution
    Our "sonar" dedicated to Paid Search campaigns and particularly in Performance Max format allows a very complete analysis upstream in order to make the most of sectoral data, your audiences but also the customer journeys and the UX of your web pages.

    FEED 360
    A unique tool dedicated to retail
    Our SEA developers and consultants have designed an all-in-one solution to create, optimize, activate and analyze the performance of your product catalog.

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    The Data Creation Mix
    Our creative scientists rely on an in-depth analysis of your history and that of your competitors to produce the creatives best suited to your challenges.

    SEER supports you in the implementation of Performance Max Performance Max campaigns and retargeting campaigns by providing unique and varied assets. Our methodology is based on an iterative principle and exchange, our artistic directors are force of proposal and will propose multiple concepts.

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    Smart pmax logo and sonar

    From UX auditing, to intelligent flow optimization, conversion tracking and audience selection, our tools allow a global approach to the management of Paid Search campaigns and particularly the new Performance Max format.

    Visual SEA sonar

    SEA SONAR A complete and detailed analysis solution to optimize campaigns


    Study of your market
    Our algorithms allow us to provide you with valuable insights to situate you in relation to trends in your market. The analysis of the impact of variations on your business makes it possible to react better to the dynamics.

    Attribution and user journey
    Assign a value to each important action on your site. Value bidding makes it possible to feed the AI with more signals, allowing to know the user journeys and convert more.

    Analysis of your Landing Pages
    Our LP'lyser module scans your landing pages and those of your competitors by analyzing the semantic fields, structure and potential reach.

    Audience creation
    Create audience signals automatically, based on GA and/or CRM data. Use clustering to refine your results and automate integration on Google Ads

    Visual feed 360

    FEED 360 An all-in-one retail solution for next-generation digital activation


    Flow optimization
    Thanks to our Feed Manager, we take care of the setup of your product feeds, their optimization and their management for the different media channels. Monitoring allows you to be alerted in the event of a problem.

    Product Scoring & Zombies
    By connecting to your product data (stock, margin, etc.), as well as market data (best seller, popularity, etc.), we identify the best opportunities in your inventory. Then we send those signals back to the campaigns.

    Dynamic Price Tracking & Pricing
    In addition to an ultra-precise price benchmark, our solution allows you to adapt your prices in real time, according to the movements of competing prices.

    Product Behavior & Cart Analysis
    The analysis of product synergies (cross-sell and up-sell) makes it possible to re-allocate the credit of a sale to the various products consulted during the journey. This vision allows you to improve your assortments, build your packs/lots and dissect the behavior of your customers.

    The smart creatives imagined by our SEER Studio

    Visual feed 360
    Logo SEER


    Creative benchmark
    Thanks to an in-depth benchmark of your ads and those of your competitors, we adjust the creatives & wording according to the audiences you want to reach.

    Brainstorming - creativity
    For each problem we are committed to proposing adapted and creative concepts. Our graphic and motion designers work hand in hand with SEA consultants to provide perfectly calibrated assets.

    A "scalable" offer particularly suited to Performance Max campaigns


    Personalized follow-up
    Our reporting tools


    Dashboarding et DataViz

    Nos clients disposent des dashboards les plus complets du marché : au-delà d’un outil de reporting, le dashboard Ad’s up est un réel outil de compréhension et d’analyse en profondeur des performances des campagnes média et offline.

    Performance des campagnes, détails des performances de produits, audiences, Créa, tendances du marché par catégorie, analyse des termes de recherche / produits en progression/régression, projections et prédictions, etc. Retrouvez la réponse à toutes vos questions dans un seul endroit.

    Nous utilisons les meilleurs connecteurs du marché afin de rassembler et combiner vos données sur Data Studio. D’autres outils de DataViz peuvent être utilisés en fonction des besoins (Tableau, Power BI, Looker).

    Our reporting tools

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    We have written a complete guide to better understand these new generation campaigns.