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So'Ads is Ad's up's specialised social media agency

Specialising in strategies and optimisation of advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads & social networks, So'Ads and its team of certified experts work with you throughout the implementation of your digital strategy on Facebook Ads. We work side by side with our partners to offer you a customised and innovative multi-channel strategy.

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Together we determine what's important in the context of your business by focusing on the most relevant KPIs. Then, we select the media and audiences which are best suited to your business model and we advise you on the creation of images for each.


Our expertise in optimising campaigns is based on deep analysis and various A/B tests which allow us to identify the most effective combinations of audiences, images, placements and bid strategy.


So'Ads retrieves campaign data and compiles it in clear and detailed reports. You therefore have ongoing access to data to easily analyse and measure the performance of your ads.

Social media

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2 billion users
SoAds-ico-audience AUDIENCE NETWORK

The Audience Network increases your potential audience on Facebook's partner applications and websites. Several advertising formats are available, and the native format will naturally boost your conversion rates. Other equally powerful formats exist, such as interstitials, banners and integrated videos.

SoAds-ico-facebook FACEBOOK ADS

With over 2 billion users globally and 33 million in France, Facebook is the number one social network in the world. So'Ads supports you in implementing a digital strategy tailored to your business which will both generate visibility, recall and awareness of your brand and increase your sales and ROI.

SoAds-ico-messenger MESSENGER

Communication happens constantly on social media, meaning you're always in touch with web users. It is now more personalised and direct with the advent of instant messaging and chatbots. As a result, So'Ads helps you promote your Facebook Messenger Bots.



700 million logons

700 million people log on to Instagram each month to check the content posted by their friends, celebrities and brands. With 80% of users following at least one brand, Instagram is far from being just a source of inspiration. This network constitutes a genuine performance lever which So'Ads can help you to activate.



500 million monthly active users

A true social media phenomenon, TikTok Ads offers advertisers a new opportunity to reach particularly engaged and active audiences. Indeed, 84% of their users have already posted a video on the platform! Innovative formats like the Hashtag Challenge and Branded Lenses open up many opportunities to optimize your Social Ads acquisition strategy.



A community of 250 million users

Pinterest has become the must-have Social Media for Internet users to test new ideas and get inspired! You want to enjoy good visibility at a lower cost, we support you in the development of your social ads strategy on Pinterest.



LinkedIn, the most important professional platform in the world, is particularly suited to the generation of B2B leads. It is professionals' indispensable and chosen medium for finding new clients. So'Ads helps you effectively distribute your ads to this qualified audience consisting mostly of upper socio-professionals.



Developing a Snapchat strategy allows you to establish your brand as innovative and on-trend to 166 million highly-engaged users each day.


Twitter Ads

The internationally-known micro-blogging site doesn't escape So'Ads' expertise. We are able to offer sophisticated targeting of 328 million active network users to increase your visibility and conversions.



Are you looking for an effective way to promote your establishment? So'Ads offers its expertise in Waze, the most popular community-based traffic and search application on the market.

Case studies

Le Bon Coin
+ 50% download of the App
Logo Le Bon Coin

A Social Ads 360 strategy for the leboncoin Employment Executives application!

Following the acquisition of the Kudoz mobile app, renamed leboncoin Employment Executives, Leboncoin wanted to be accompanied on rebranding and mobile performance strategy on social networks, for their new application.

To address their problem of generations of applications and application installations, Leboncoin called on So'Ads to help them articulate a successful marketing mix strategy.

Orchestrating a social media device (Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads), combined with mobile acquisition levers (Search, Display, YouTube Ads, Apple Search Ads), So'Ads also accompanied them on the creative part of their visuals, as well as their commercials.

With their new mobile app promotion strategy, Leboncoin has already generated more than 200,000 app downloads since the partnership began.

-20% on CPA
Logo B&B

Increase audience engagement with Facebook Ads!

An essential lever for travel and tourism advertisers, Facebook inspires and reaches Internet users in the planning phase of their next vacation.

It is on the basis of this observation that B-B Hotels calls on So'Ads, in order to be accompanied in the development and implementation of a successful SMA strategy, dedicated to the specifics of the social network.

Their aim is both to increase their notoriety, but above all to increase the number of hotel room reservations, thanks in particular to the many targeting options available, including the "Trip Consideration".

Thanks to the work done on audiences similar to people who have visited specific hotel pages, Facebook Ads enables the hotel chain to achieve a precise and effective marketing push strategy, with already more than 1.8 million people affected.

-60% cost per conversion

Diversify your marketing mix for performance, thanks to Snapchat

LIVI, a medical teleconsultation solution, aims to offer, through its application, simpler and more convenient access to care in France. Wanting to strengthen their social media acquisition strategy, they called on So'Ads to support them in the development of their marketing mix via Snapchat.

Leverage particularly ROIste, the addition of Snapchat to LIVI's Social Media strategy, has enabled So'Ads to respond to their problem of visibility and acquisition of new qualified users, while generating costs per conversion 60% cheaper than the average of other levers.

Content creation

Images, animation and videos, our team of talented art directors and designers design your visuals with high impact and guarantee


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