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    The Ad's up method optimises the use of available human and technological resources.

    Méthode Humain

    A human touch that values relationships

    We maximize your campaigns' effectiveness by combining your market knowledge with our expertise. We need to understand how you work, your competitive advantages and any weak points you may have, we need to meet the key people in your business so we can interact with the decision makers and, together, create the best SEA strategy. Discussion is essential: nobody knows your clients better than you do!

    Méthode Outils

    A consultant trained in the best performing tools on the market

    Using Ad's up, an ultra-specialist digital marketing agency means ensuring your advertising campaigns perform. Every day, our Expert Consultants are there to advise you and make the best strategic decisions to help you achieve your goals. With Ad's up, you can be sure that you have a consultant trained in the best tools on the market to support and boost your e-marketing campaigns:

    Méthode Avancée

    Innovate and stay ahead of the competition

    Google is always coming up with new ideas and offering advertisers new solutions: innovative formats, extended targeting, new mediums, etc. Our competitive intelligence and our teams' ongoing training are essential in helping you stay ahead of the competition and benefit from new launches.

    Our management solutions

    The latest advanced tools combined with our expertise


    Campaign Manager

    Ad's up uses the Campaign Manager (formerly Doubleclick Campaign Manager) ad server to manage your media plans, download your creations (banners, videos, etc.), and schedule the rules for running your ads. Campaign Manager is integrated into the Google Marketing Platform and therefore works in synergy with Search Ads 360 and Display - Video 360.


    Search Ads 360

    Ad's up uses Search Ads 360 (formerly DoubleClick Search) to accelerate the management of large-scale search campaigns on Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo, and even Baidu. Ad's up dynamically drives your bids and campaigns in real time, and generates performance reports for you.


    Display & video360

    Ad's up uses the DSP Display - Video 360 (formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager) in-house, to allow you to purchase display slots on all Ad-Exchanges on the market, at CPM and in real time (RTB). We target specific audiences for you, related to your activity, to broadcast in all available formats: Banner, Native, App, Audio, Video.



    Feedonomics is a powerful, intuitive solution for managing and optimizing product feeds. Specially designed to manage a large number of products, the Feedonomics tool provides perfectly structured, high-quality feeds. Ad's up can use the tool to further increase your product visibility and boost your e-commerce performance.

    Our reporting tools

    • Datastudio
      Google Data Studio is the data analysis cloud platform for modern organizations with external data sources. It offers clearer, more intelligent and more effective dynamic reports.
    • reportGarden
      ReportGarden is a multiplatform interface for reporting and monitoring that's dynamically linked to all Ad's up accounts.
    • supermetrics
      Supermetrics is a connector that brings together all of your data from Google, Facebook, Analytics, etc. in a single platform (Data Studio, Google Sheets, etc.).

    Tracking and analytics solutions


    Analytics 360

    Through Analytics 360, we analyze the entire advertising value chain, to understand who your visitors, prospect and customers are, how they behave, and measure key actions for your business growth.



    Attribution measures and weighs the impact of all your acquisition channels (free and paid) for transforming your prospects. We deduplicate the tracked conversions to get as close as possible to the data shown in your CRM and identify the actual contribution of each channel.


    Tag manager

    Tag Manager 360 unifies the installation and maintenance of pixels and conversion tracking tags for all platforms within a single interface.

    Floodlight unifies the analysis of your conversions

    Ad's up builds on the proven robustness of the Google ecosystem and Floodlight tracking to track and unify Search + Display data.

    Floodlight Floodlight