Make use of the 79% of web time not spent on search engines!

79% of time online is not spent on search engines but on other websites or services. Your audience can view your products and services on different screens before making a purchase. Ad's up consultants are experts in the entire digital value chain, allowing you to develop your brand's renown. In contrast with traditional media, the Display Network reaches a large audience with precise targeting meaning ROI can be managed in real time.

Gmail Native Ads

Having originally been reserved for a limited number of advertisers, Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) are now available to all under the name Gmail Native Ads. The principle remains just as tempting: you display your ads in Gmail as a conventional email (with logo and brand integrated) and choose a relevant target audience. You select what to share according to key words and users' demographic details and interests. When the user clicks, they see your ad centre stage in the email body. There's no need to enlist a creative to help: the interface provides a gallery of personalised options.


The Google Display Network is the largest marketing network in the world. It reaches 90% of web users worldwide across 100 countries and 20 languages. This represents more than 4.3 billion page views a day. It also offers a wide range of formats: text ads, static or animated banners, videos, Hover to Play, Lightbox, Dynamic Display Ads, etc.

Seven types of targeting mean different aims can be reached:

  • Contextual - qualified traffic
  • Topic - renown
  • Interest - renown
  • Selective display - ROI
  • In-market Segment - ROI
  • Affinity Segments - branding & ROI
  • Custom Affinity Audiences - branding & ROI

When Search and Display are used together there is a 22% increase in global conversion rate.


The new generation of targeting by audience for high-performing advertisers:
Target the most qualified users who have actively searched for your products/services
Target users who have recently shown that they intend to purchase online


Affinity audiences are users who have shown interest in a particular topic. As a result, advertisers can reach those who are more likely to be interested in their product or service.


Ad's up can create your AdWords video campaigns so you can easily ensure your videos are promoted on YouTube (800 million monthly visitors) and the Google Display Network. This network comprises sites and video content from all over the internet, beyond YouTube. On its own, it gives you access to roughly 80% of online video content space! You pay only when users choose to view your video. And the results are clear: on average website traffic increases by 20%.


Display Select Keywords lets you show ads on the Google Display Network via search requests. When a user searches on Google.fr and clicks on an organic search result (not an AdWords link), the ad is displayed on the page they visit. This function is only available on whitelisting.


With TrueView For Shopping, display your product ads alongside YouTube video ads. The video ad introduces and showcases your product while the linked Google Shopping ad lets the user access your buying page in just one click. As a result there is now real synergy between Shopping and YouTube. It's up to you to take advantage for your e-commerce! Or rather...it's Ad's up's job to do it for you.


Would you like to create marketing banners for Google but don't have an agency or web designer on hand? No problem: Ad's up can look after it for you. The AdWords interface lets us create tailor-made banners dynamically which use elements of your website's own design. Your corporate style is followed and you can start advertising immediately on the huge Google Display Network. Ready...set...remarket!


Google Lightbox Ads let you win over new audiences with innovative formats combining elements from YouTube, Maps, Shopping or Google+. The major advantage: you only pay when the user interacts with your brand's message. Lightbox Ads look better and are of higher quality. They look classy wherever they are displayed, no matter what device or screen is being used. This improves your company brand image.