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Make use of the 79% of web time not spent on search engines!

79% of time online is not spent on search engines but on other websites or services. Your audience can view your products and services on different screens before making a purchase. Ad's up consultants are experts in the entire digital value chain, allowing you to develop your brand's renown. In contrast with traditional media, the Display Network reaches a large audience with precise targeting meaning ROI can be managed in real time.



Show your ads to users who may be interested by your chosen keywords while they are browsing relevant websites, applications and videos.

Display select keywords

This more restricted form of contextual targeting allows you to show your ads on websites, apps and videos that are directly related to your chosen keywords. Quality traffic is the main goal of this targeting method!

Managed Placements

Choose precisely which website or mobile apps you would like your ad to appear in and adjust the bids according to the most effective placements.


Choose one or more themes amongst a wide selection offered by Google in order to target pages dealing with very specific subjects.

Affinity audiences

Target users who are particularly interested in certain subjects. Affinity audiences group together users who have shown a strong interest in a given subject. You can thus target those users who are the most likely to be interested by your services or offers.

If none of Google’s affinity audiences are right for you, you can create a custom affinity audience based around keywords which determine the desired areas of interest or, even more effectively, you can choose websites that are associated with said areas of interest.

In market

If you wish to target users who have recently shown an interest in making an online purchase within your sector, In-Market targeting is perfect for you. It allows you to target a very relevant audience who have actively searched for your products or services.


If your targeting or the targeting combinations that you have created are not enough, allow Google to find you even more customers without increasing your current cost per client (conservative targeting) or at a similar price to your current cost per client (aggressive targeting)


Choose your core target audience via one or more of the following criteria:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Parental Status (A recent addition)


This new functionality allows you to choose a Target CPA for Display, without needing to choose any other targeting methods. Google will then automatically target the right users on the right placements through the use of your chosen Target CPA and the historic data in your AdWords account.



The next generation of ads which are replacing the old, standard text ads. Thanks to its flexible format, you can create ads which automatically adjust their size, appearance and format so to adapt to the available advertising space.


Use graphics or animations in your ads through importing your own graphic banners.


If you do not have access to a creative agency or a web designer, the AdWords interface allows you to create personalised banners through utilising the design elements of your website. You can choose your own style and can start showing your ads on the vast Google Display Network.
Thanks to dynamic ads, you can also automatically create rich-media ads which are adapted according to the geographic location of the user as well as the content that they are looking at. You can thus deliver a more effective message. On your marks, get set, advertise!


Benefit from an eye-catching and interactive ad format that is tailored to users’ interests so as to more effectively target them and engage their interest. You only pay when a user interacts with the ad. This ad format allows you to promote a positive image of your brand.


Video ads can be an effective way of getting your name out there. With the In-Stream ad format, you can show a non-skippable video ad of 15 or 20 seconds within videos on sites throughout the Display Network.


Advertise with interactive and expandable ads above the “Promotions” tab within Gmail inboxes. You only pay for the first click which opens up your ad and its connected email. After a click, the user sees a full-page version of our ad and its associated email. No need for any creative design as the interface offers you a selection of personalisable templates:

  • Single image ad
  • Single product promotion
  • Multi-product promotion
  • Catalog creative

If you wish, you can also create create and import a custom format that you have made yourself.


With dynamic remarketing incorporated into Gmail, you can target users directly in Gmail who have shown an interest in your products. Connect this new ad format to your Google Merchant Center Feed to show users, right within their inbox, the products they have previously looked at!

Truewiew for shopping

Go further with Youtube with this ad format which displays clickable cards (including an image and a price) within videos through using Google Merchant Center.


Promote your mobile app with the help of a banner on the Display Network that encourages users to download your app.