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    Build brand awareness with Display!

    Today, Display's various purchasing techniques mean you can meet all your advertising goals, whether they involve traffic, performance or visibility. We adjust your strategy according to your objectives from a media planning (visibility/reputation) or audience planning (finer targeting, performance, return on investment) perspective.

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    Ad's up supports you with the strategy, implementation and optimization of Display campaigns across all market inventories. Get the flexibility of Responsive Ads, or the power of YouTube, depending on your goals.

    Case study

    Corsica Ferries
    Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) 20% reduction
    56.5% of visitors to the site
    Logo Corsica Ferries

    Corsica Ferries unifies its acquisition channels with the full stack GMP

    In 2018, Corsica Ferries decided to use Ad's up to redesign the entire digital strategy of their shipping company, with the aim of increasing its reputation but also and above all to be able to understand the ROI of their investments. Display and Video 360 has completely transformed the brand's vision of its business, enabling it to reach consumers on a large scale and generate new customers. The challenge for Corsica Ferries was therefore to perform using a mix of visibility (reputation) and profitability (ROI) in order to maintain its leading position in France and gain market share in other territories.

    By carefully allocating their investments through the integration of the Google Marketing Platform and more specifically Google Analytics 360, Search Ads 360 and Display and Video 360, the brand has seen its results soar, with 56.5% of visitors to the site.

    + 43% whitepaper downloads
    + 35% downloads of the Cozy Touch app then over the medium term
    Logo Atlantic

    Foolproof connectivity for Atlantic

    As the French leader in thermal comfort, Atlantic has been established in the heating and boiler market offering innovative and tailor-made solutions for 45 years. In line with the connectivity issues faced by its sector, the brand has developed a mobile app allowing buyers to directly link their product for better monitoring. Atlantic's challenge has been to democratize their app and its ease of use with its customers via a whitepaper designed to show their buyers how to control their products remotely via the app or consult their detailed consumer reports.

    As the agency already working on the brand's SEA acquisition campaigns, Atlantic naturally turned to Ad's up's RTB experts to define a specific strategy for increasing the number of downloads of their whitepaper, by running a programmatic campaign using third party data(3P). Ad's up designed Atlantic's RTB strategy around a comprehensive array of advanced tools to ensure that their ads were distributed in quality media. By targeting profiles of Internet users corresponding to their core target, the agency's support allowed them to generate a real synergy between the Search and Display levers, adapted to their business model. The RTB programmatic strategy enabled Atlantic to reach 2,249,266 unique affected individuals and 81.2% of views on its whitepaper. Building on this successful experience, the brand, which is currently working on a new media plan, has already decided to include the programmatic lever in its future acquisition strategy.

    + 50% sales
    + 30% advertising recall

    Vuarnet, the revival of a cult brand

    A blend of luxury and authenticity made in France, Vuarnet has been adorning our eyes since 1957. After being at the height of its fame in the 90s, the famous eyewear brand has been able to bounce back and bring their communication up to date with a digital strategy reflecting the values of their first ambassadors. With a strong presence in the historical European markets in and the US, Vuarnet succeeded in the challenge of increasing its audience by relying on the power of YouTube, via quality content and innovative formats for a strategy combining both branding and performance.

    In particular, the platform enables them to meet their recognition, commitment and conversion goals. A successful 3.0 enticement operation for Lionel Giraud, CEO of Vuarnet:

    "We are aiming for an average annual growth of 50% with sales expected to reach 15 million euros this year"

    Just Eat
    + 172% orders via the App
    -46% cost per order via the App
    Logo Just Eat

    Just Eat France accelerates acquisition of new App users via Google Ads

    The home delivery company wanted to refocus its acquisition strategy around paid levers like Google Ads and Apple Search Ads, to better capitalize on users who have already downloaded their Android and iOS app. For Just Eat, exploiting Google's ecosystem to widely distribute its advertising messages and benefit from machine learning to reach the customers most likely to order has proven to be very effective.

    With a slightly weaker but highly qualified spread - which responds to a specific query - Apple Search Ads allowed them to offer the app to app store visitors using the "search" function by positioning themselves on industry-specific keywords. Ad's up Mobile Experts also work on analyzing synergies and cohort data from different in-app events. This allowed them to understand the user-behaviour after the event and to adapt the strategies of each lever for an optimal digital mix.