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Always be there at the right moment and increase your conversion rate with retargeting!

A site's conversion rate can be between 2% and 15% depending on the sector. What do you do with the remaining 98%? Don't stay on the sidelines: reach them with advertising retargeting all over the internet and all their devices.


Remarketing is a function which allows you to retarget users who have already visited your site and show them relevant ads when they visit other sites on the Google Display Network to encourage them to revisit your site and do something concrete (make a purchase, subscribe, etc.).

Customer Match

If you are an advertiser with email campaign expertise, this one is for you! Customer Match allows us to use your prospect lists a second time. The principle: we reach your target audience on AdWords by using a list of email addresses previously selected by you. We can then create ad campaigns specifically for this group of users. You then share them on Google Search, YouTube or Gmail!


Le RLSA consiste à utiliser les listes de remarketing sur le search (Google) afin d’optimiser les enchères et personnaliser les annonces diffusées aux visiteurs qui se sont déjà rendus sur votre site.
Strategies :?>

  • Win client loyalty by increasing your bids
  • Create standout ads with incentives for users who have already visited your site
  • Target basket abandoners with promotional codes
  • Target users who have visited your site by displaying your ads in your competitors' semantic field
  • Improve branding campaign profitability
  • Increase your revenue by creating "generic" search campaigns just for your visitors or buyers

RDSA involves combining remarketing lists with DSA (Dynamic Search Ad) campaigns.


Dynamic retargeting features personalised ads which pique online buyers' interest by reminding them of items they have already viewed on your site. With dynamic retargeting, advertisers record results well above those expected from conventional remarketing campaigns (post-click conversion rate 25% higher on the Google Display Network in return for just a 5% rise in acquisition cost).

SIMILAR AUDIENCES : Similar Search / Shopping / Display

The Similar Audiences function was designed to identify users who share specific characteristics with current visitors to your site. Your ads are therefore shown to people with interests similar to those of your current audience. As a result, you can optimise your chances of reaching new prospects and clients who may be interested in your services.


Using Eperflex technology, Ad's up lets you automatically retarget your visitors with a personalised email. Eperflex is doubly effective as it detects users who haven't converted on your site (0 purchases or 0 subscriptions) and dynamically generates an email the contents of which you control: limited offer or promotional discount. Be there for your prospects!


Show personalised ads to millions of YouTube and partner video site users based on how they interact with your website. You reinforce your message with users and increase your chances of conversion.


AdRoll is a new string to the Ad's up bow. It lets you make full use of your client database by targeting the matching audience in your CRM database. AdRoll is a powerful, innovative tool which lets you reach audiences beyond the Google Display Network. Its two strengths are that you can follow up with inactive clients and make use of existing email segments.


Remarketing lists for the Google search network or RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) are available for your shopping campaigns. It is now possible to automate a higher bid for previous buyers or visitors to your website. Your ad will be shown more frequently to these better known, more qualified people who are more likely to buy from you. If you opt for this strategy, you can also decide not to show ads to anyone but them.


D’abord disponibles sur l’interface Google Ads, les Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA) vous sont proposées par la régie Bing Ads. Enchérissez exclusivement - ou supérieurement - auprès des internautes appartenant à vos listes d’audience et affinez ainsi l’optimisation de vos campagnes jusqu’à obtenir votre CPA idéal ou ROI cible.