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The Ad's up method optimises the use of available human and technological resources.

A human touch at the heart of the relationship
We maximise your campaigns' effectiveness by combining your market knowledge with our expertise. We need to understand how you work, your competitive advantages, any weak points you may have and meet the key people in your business so we can interact with the right decision makers and, together, create the best SEA strategy. Discussion is essential: nobody knows your clients better than you do!

Innovate and stay ahead of your competition
Google is always coming up with new ideas and offering advertisers new solutions: innovative formats, extended targeting, new mediums, etc. Our competitive intelligence and our teams' ongoing training are essential in helping you stay ahead of your competition and benefit from the novelty of new launches.

Notre méthodologie

La méthode Ad's up à la loupe


A close up on Ad's up methodology


There is no one way to improve an account's performance. Strategy, space purchasing budget, optimisation techniques and methods used differ by client according to business sector, competitive position and the advertiser's goals.


Structuring your account, segmenting your campaigns and optimising your Quality Score (QS): each product category should be represented in specific campaigns so that relevant ads are shown and your key word Quality Score (QS) is optimised. Quality Score is too often neglected or thought of as inevitable. However, it is one of the main criteria with which a Google AdWords advertiser should be working.

Création d’annonces efficaces

Création des campagnes universelles

Ciblage des meilleures landing pages

Deciding on semantics and integrating keywords

Ad's up works with you to establish your company's exact scope before developing the widest and most effective semantic field possible for your business. Correspondence types to use are decided according to your strategy and budget.

Mise en place des groupes d’annonce et extensions

La méthode Ad's up à la loupe

Suivi et analyse du compte

To evaluate how effective your campaigns are, the Ad's up team work with you to determine the key indicators to track. These indicators vary according to your aims: Traffic volume, ROI (Return On Investment), ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), CPA (Cost per Acquisition), CPL (Cost per Lead), CPC (Cost per Click) or CPV (Cost per View).

  • Search term analysis

    We can improve our clients' campaign ROI by being meticulous and trying a number of approaches. Increasing campaign activity allows us to reach financial goals.

  • Optimising keywords and QS

  • Optmisation des annonces et extensions

  • Adjusting bids
    for different audiences (rlsa)

  • Developing the long tail

  • Adjusting bids
    by location,
    time zone and device


    Ad's up uses several Bid Management solutions. They let us decide on the exact best bid for each key word in real time to optimise the ROI for Google AdWords campaigns.

  • Optimisation du roi

    Ad's up guides you though setting Google Analytics objectives and selects the relevant indicators to import into AdWords for your business sector to help you make strategic decisions. 55% of people who walk into a shop leave having bought something. Online, the conversion rate is just 2.4% on average. So, the success of a campaign depends on an ability to measure and interpret the results. Devoting time to analysis and optimisation is therefore essential.

  • A close up on Ad's up methodology
A close up on Ad's up methodology


Dynamic retargeting, RLSA, Google shopping, Display network, Customer match, Dynamic search ads

The Display Network, remarketing (Display, Dynamic, List for Search Ads & Similar Users), SHOPPING & DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaigns, extensions, etc. are all tools which can be used to optimise ROI.


Tools for performance management

  • DoubleClick

    DoubleClick Search is a management and automation platform which lets you manage certain pay-per-click campaigns more effectively on several search engines and multimedia channels worldwide. It also means you can manage bids often (CPC) and in real time.

  • Datastudio

    Google Data Studio est la plateforme cloud d'analyse des données pour les organisations modernes disposant de sources de données externes. Pour des rapports dynamiques plus clairs, plus intelligents et plus efficaces.

  • AdCore

    adCore is a platform which provides automated solutions for daily AdWords and Bing campaign optimisation, particularly through creating dynamic campaigns based on products, stock, prices, etc. but also for optimising CPC according to the campaign's set ROI/CPA.

  • feeditor

    Feeditor is a feed management tool developed by Podium Advertising Technologies which lets you adapt and optimise your Google Merchant Center feed.

  • ReportGarden

    ReportGarden is a multiplatform interface for reporting and monitoring dynamically linked to all Ad's up accounts.

  • Feedonomics

    Feedonomics is a powerful, intuitive solution for managing and optimising product feeds. Specially designed to manage a large number of references, the Feedonomics tool provides perfectly structured, high-quality feeds. Ad's up can use the tool to further increase your product visibility and boost your e-commerce performance.